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Who we are

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Who we are


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Our many colleagues at PT.DESY form a larger picture

We are a team of natural and social scientists, of media professionals and administrative experts. We are the Project Management Agency of DESY (PT.DESY). Project funding is our core competency - enabling excellence is our strongest motivation. Our interdisciplinary and subject specific knowhow, paired with our profound knowledge of the German science landscape is what sets us apart. It is this unique skillset which has allowed us to be successful as a contractor in science management for the German Federal Ministry of Education and Researach, for over 40 years. Discretion and professionalism are two of our core strengths. We develop strategies and we think and act globally. We make funding programs come to life and engage in ongoing dialog with society. We stay in motion and keep evolving to meet even the highest standards.

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What makes PT.DESY truly exceptional is our 40 years of experience with large scale research facilities, an excellent network within the scientific communities, including the Bahrenfeld research campus and German universities, as well as our flat hierarchies and extensive expertise in the field of science communication.

A direct link to science

As a division of a globally renowned accelerator facility, the German Electron Synchrotron (DESY), we have a direct link to cutting edge science. Our roots lie in basic physical research.However, with the years, we have broadened our professional expertise considerably – from enabling excellence in science, to also communicating it. We think and act on an interdisciplinary basis. This is how we consistently achieve excellence and develop the services that we offer to excel our clients’ demands. Being part of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers, Germany’s largest research organization, we possess a broad national and international network in the natural sciences. As Project Management Agency, we connect politics and industry. Our work processes are audited according to the Quality Standard DIN ISO 9001:2015. Our quality management ensures that our company structures and processes keep improving, to master every challenge that lies ahead.

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PT.DESY has been certified after the ISO 9001 standard.